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August 27, 2008


Terminal Degree

One of my friends is a social worker who does home visits for prospective adoptive parents.

She never looks at the baseboards. Ever. She's looking for a safe place and loving parents. That's it. She's not an inspector and assures me that home visits aren't about home decor or housekeeping skills!

Hope it goes well.


I don't know jack about it, but I kind of suspect that you're not very clued in to the range of people who want to adopt and what the interviewers (or whatever you call them) are trying to filter out.

I.e. meth addicts, people so rigid that they'll take a baseball bat to a kid the first time she misbehaves, sexual predators, people so unstable or negligent or stoned that they'll just tire of raising a kid after a week and stop doing it. That sort of thing. I really really doubt the baseboards and aquariums will be coming into play :->

But of course you're freaking out; I would too. xoxo

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