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May 19, 2008



I just read a great book by a man with the unfortunate name of Dement called "the Promise of Sleep." Convinced me that sleep problems are on an epidemic scale in the modern world. Worth reading, I think, even though it sounds like with your magic machine you'll be well on your way.


Hm. Definitely sounds like a book I should pick up. Thanks, Dale!


Oh, good to know. I'll add it to my library list!


I'm one of those with a CPAP machine that worked so well that I use it now maybe twice a year when my tonsils or soft palate is irritated. It took a night or two for me to get used to but the difference it made was amazing, and I'm hoping the same goes for Ms. P. It also made my blood pressure go down; apparently apnea can cause high blood pressure. Good luck.


I didn't realize that that could happen -- how awesome!

Ms. P

...counting down the hours until I get to talk to the doctor...

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