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April 15, 2008



I'm sorry, Pro.

Terminal Degree

I'm sorry. :(


Agreed: it's a load of nonsense.

Could you not employ Mrs. P in some capacity, to bring her income up to the limit and thus lower yours?


"Ms. P", sorry, I do apologise :-)


Udge, that's a hysterical idea! I think it would backfire, though, by making her subject to self-employment taxes. Better to just grump along as we are, I think.


Well, I don't know how American taxes are evaluated, but here in Germany it makes economic sense because she would be able to claim all kinds of expenses against her self-employment income. Talk it over with your accountant.

What Now?

D. and I are in the same situation. The way we handle it is that I itemize my taxes, taking credit for all of our charitable contributions, interest paid on mortgage, etc., and she takes the standard deductible. It's a pain in the ass, and it takes much longer for us to do our taxes, but we actually get back more money than we would otherwise. For me, this turns doing taxes into a subversive activity in which I get back at the federal government for not recognizing our relationship.

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