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March 25, 2008



Yes. The meditation is indispensible.

(But if you've got active trigger points, & I bet you do, then relaxing your mind won't deactivate them -- although it will help keep them from coming back, if you get rid of them. An active trigger point *can't* untighten without help, it's physically unable to. I.e. tension can get the muscles into that state but relaxation by itself can't get them back out. I know I go all over the web saying this, but I'll say it again: I really recommend Clair Davies "Trigger Point Workbook." Especially if you like ordinary massage but it doesn't put a dent in the tightness: that suggests that it's *not* primarily mental stress that's maintaining the muscle stress. At this point the muscles are doing the job all on their own :->)


Dale, you are the awesomest of the awesome! I googled the book and found the book itself; of course, the freely available pages stopped just as they got to sternocleoidalmastoid, which is likely at least part of what's going on with me. Looks like I'm ordering a book today! Thank you so much!

What Now?

I also have chronically tight shoulders, and in the past year that tightness has led to neck pain and, most recently, to tension in my jaw such that I can't always close my back teeth. Clearly something needs to be done. So I too have just looked up the Trigger Point Workbook and will be ordering a copy. And perhaps I should try the sitting and breathing also.

Here's to relaxed shoulders and a centered sense of self.

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