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November 09, 2006



i like the idea that you shared, leaving the o.




Please get a second opinion (and even a third) before damaging your thyroid gland, or worse. Error rates and iatrogenic illnesses are increasing in exponentially massive proportions these days, and there's no way anyone should take anyone's word for something like this when both the stakes and the likelihood of error are so high.

I could tell you of many horror stories that would've been avoided by the patients' rigorous pursuit of accuracy in diagnosis, as well as accuracy in prescribed treatment. Too bad it has to be that way, but.... Don't let anyone intimidate you or frighten you into accepting a procedure or drug or treatment you aren't 100% in agreement with after you've done your own thorough research.

Good luck!


What Solana said. You don't want to become hypothyroid if you can help it. You may not be prone to liver disease or have a low white-cell count, but it's no picnic. Trust somebody who's been diagnosed hypo for the past 15 years. Especially if you're trying to get pregnant; it'll make it all so much harder, if not impossible.

Please, please check with another doc. Most insurance companies will pay for a second opinion now.


Second opinion!

But in any case: poor Pronoia, I'm sorry for your pain & worry.


Thanks, everyone. So far I've got two docs on board with hyperthyroidism, but I'm having my blood tests redone to get some more up-to-date numbers. The test from the beginning of October, however, was pretty clear: my TSH, which is supposed to be between 0.35 and 5.5 was 0.006. My free T4 should be between 0.8 and 2.4; it was 3.7. We'll see if the new numbers are in line or if they're saying something radically different.

What seems to be happening with the hyperthyroidism right now is that it's doing bad things to my heart. This is, of course, no good. In addition I've got muscle weakness, fatigue, general fogginess, etc. So there are some real problems we need to address.

Thanks again to everyone for the good wishes and the encouragement. I'll keep you all posted.


Oh crap.

I'm so sorry, pro. This sucks, big time.

I do second the second opinion bit - ask me about the time I almost had my salivary gland removed and it turned out to be a topical cyst...


Oh, hell. Hugs, dear Pro.

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