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July 14, 2006



This is icky all the way down. Does this man *want* a demoralized team? That's the only effect this kind of behavior can produce.

There might or might not be good reasons for timing the interviews that way, but there can't be any good reason for a) exporting the conflict to you in hopes that you'd reassure him by expressing contempt for her to him, or b) cutting you off once he'd done so. This is classic bad managing, dysfunctional-family-style. Conflicts should never be exported from the principals, if you can help it, no one should ever be encouraged to show disrespect for anyone else, and you shouldn't cut someone off when they're objecting to something. That isn't rocket science, it's Management 101.


"not allowed to see anyone's resume, because they're going to supervise me and "that's not appropriate.""

That's utter bullshit. You need to be able to brag about your boss and your boss needs to be able to brag about you. You need to know each other's skillsets.

"Second, it continues to create a climate in which disagreement is interpreted as challenge and aggression, even when it is expressed as politely and nonconfrontationally as possible. Third, it demonstrates clearly that he thinks of jobs as lines of reporting instead of teams, which has, this year, served to divide and silence and undermine the position of every single person in this department."

Absolutely. And absolutely an ass-backwards, unproductive way of working, which is, unfortunately all too common in the not-for-profit world. Probably in the for-profit world too, but I've never worked there.

My 2 cents? Start shopping for a new job. And when you interview, pay attention to these things. Don't just ask - what's the environment like, because everyone will tell you, oh yes we all love each other and work as one big happy family. Notice - who's in on my interview? Ask - how are decisions made here? Can you give me an example?


Yeah, I'm thinking about it, that's for sure. I'm holding out to see if things improve once we get a new development director, but I'm keeping my ear to the ground.

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