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March 23, 2006



I'm really angry about this. (It's a better wake up in the morning than coffee, anger!) All the exclusions that are based on protecting something so hard. As if it's so fragile, like fine bone china. I am really really angry about this.


I hear you. Our KD is at this moment arriving for his semen analysis. To get the appointment, my wife had to call and say she was HIS "partner". The whole lie makes me sick and I want nothing of if (see recent post), but we did what we have to to get what we need. I have had fleeting thoughts about what would happen if we needed an IUI. I can't imagine who would do it for us with a known donor. The only possibility that came to mind is that there are some midwives who I bet would "break the rules." And, I'm not even talking about insurance here. Luckily on that front it's equal for everyone on our plan - IUIs just aren't covered.


How long, O Lord?

This just feels so damn petty to me. I've spent a good five minutes trying to imagine a rationale behind this that doesn't make me gag. Haven't been able to yet.

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