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February 14, 2006



That does suck, indeed. Politica (my partner) lives with a variety of health problems (some auto-immune in nature) and I was thinking this morning just how hard it is to live with chronic health problems that can be so debilitating when untreated and that have such debilitating side-effects sometimes with treatment. I'm sorry.

And rooting for good progress on the baby-making despite all that.


{{{Pro}}} Oh, that sounds awful. Thanks for filling me in; I was a little puzzled -- it didn't seem like you to jump the gun that way. These are the worst sort of problems -- where you're weighing this probability against that probability, and you don't have any very good way of assessing the odds either way.

But still, from my hugely uninformed perspective, it seems quite likely that everything will just work. (And if it does, you'll soon "be on hormones again" like never before :->)

Ms. P

Dale, you rock.

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