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January 11, 2006


Ms. P

Rule for extroverts, dealing with introverts: Shut up more than you think is necessary, and listen, listen, listen, listen, listen.


The best way to shut up an E (like me), is to tell us a little bit more than perhaps you, the I, would be comfortable with. Think of it as a compromise, building a bridge, etc. You give a little by communicating, we give a little by backing off (what keeps the Es coming back and pecking is the I's withdrawal). Furthermore, regardless of the history of a friendship, none of us is a mind reader. You'd be surprised how a little communication can go a long way with us!


Thanks, Lorry, for the feedback. What was particulary difficult in the interaction I was talking about here was that I *was* communicating and the E wasn't! How's that for flipping roles?

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