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November 17, 2005



I made the sojourn from academia to nonprofit too.


I made the sojourn from academia to nonprofit too.


It was downright surreal, when I was first in high tech, and they were really desperate to hang on to us. They treated us royally. I'm more comfortable now, actually, that things are more reasonable. It was kind of like being taken out to an incredibly lavish dinner by a lecherous old man; you knew something disagreeable must be lurking at the end of it :-)

But the contrast with academia was amazing.


This sounds wonderful: the discontent in academia is so often driven by small cuts that can't possibly do much to solve real budget problems but so often just make people feel unappreciated. You've landed in a great spot.


This is one reason I have trouble thinking about leaving my job: they really do value us and they show it. The pay isn't great, but I feel appreciated. That kind of thing is really cost-effective in the long run, too, when you think about how much it costs to replace an employee who leaves.

Congratulations on being somewhere that values you!

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