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October 04, 2005



Yeah, it's been quite a ride. A little preventive maintenance sounds like a very good idea.

(I don't really miss academics, either. I miss being an undergraduate, sometimes, but that's about it.)

Kat...over the sea

I suppose that it depends on your students and work environment. Here we get paid for 13 months, have 5 months vacation, get flown to conferences all over the world, get EVERYTHING that I want - no questions asked and have 560 adoring students.

Its not all wine and roses all the time... like now, I am marking like a mad one, but all academia is not so bad. At least not at the bottom of Africa.


That's true Dale--I do miss being a student. Why do we generally think that the people who have been/are really good students will therefore make good teachers? Two completely different skill sets!

I have an opportunity to be a student coming up--I'm excited!

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