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January 30, 2005



I wish I could. Unfortunately, we seem to be a crowd of singletons. Academy Girl at Academic Game has also left, but her blog was really angry and bitter, so be warned. There was another, well-known and tenured blogger who left sometime in the fall; I don't remember her name, but surely it's in my archives somewhere. (Looking over my earlier entries might be helpful to you in any case; if you go to the blogspot version (1.0) the original comments are there too -- something I think was often better than the blog itself.) Sometimes there is useful stuff in the Chronicle forums (not the articles!), but be prepared to wade through a lot of lectures along the way.

I expect there'll be more additions later in spring -- that's when the last gasps of job searches typically occur. (Yes, that is cynical. *shrug*)


And, if you ever need support, feel free to email me. My blogroll has gotten insane these days, so it's sometimes a while before I get back to people. :(


Thanks Rana. I think Erin O'Conner is who you were thinking of, and I've checked out her blog, but she's off into something else now.

I may email if I get stressed enough. It's a tough thing to wade through.

Thanks again.


You're welcome. And do feel welcome to email. I've racked up a lot of karmic debt in that regard. :)

New Kid on the Hallway

Belatedly, I have no great suggestions, but I wish you luck. My husband has left, but for more schooling: he's in a library science program. And he's already worrying that he's trading "a marginalized position in profession for a position in a marginalized profession," as he puts it. I don't think there are any easy solutions.

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