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January 22, 2005



Oh, damn. How disheartening.

Yeah, hang on to the ovaries if you can. (If you can't, eventually, there's a great site, www.hystersisters.com, that Martha found really helpful when she had her hysterectomy -- she still goes there regularly, in fact.)

You herewith have my official permission to be just as damn moody and upset as you please.


Well, it's unlikely I'll lose the ovaries, really, just likely I'll have to have surgery to have them--and the rest of my insides--scraped clean. It's one of the weirdnesses of endo: you end up with little pieces of tissue everywhere they don't belong, and you never know how the cyclical build-up and bleeding will manifest. Needless to say, insides don't so much like having tissue build-up and shedding; it tends to make organs stick together.

It's true that I have a very dear friend who's ended up uterine-free because of her endo, but I'm a long way from that. I'm counting my blessings.

Thanks for the permission--I'm going to use it!

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